Not Just a Couple, Credit Cards Also Need Your Attention!

The lucrative deals in the business world come from the ease of transactivity provided by various bank companies. Consumers especially millennials are now more likely to have good banking insights. One is a credit card, a banking product that is already part of the customer’s lifestyle.

Credit card ownership cannot be owned by anyone

Credit card ownership cannot be owned by anyone

But it does have to meet the requirements of having a fixed income.

Because you have to be responsible for some of the obligations you pay, it is important for the physical existence of credit cards to be avoided by others. Not only its existence, but the physical condition of the card must also be taken care of in order to function properly.

Therefore, in addition to card abuse, the customer should also avoid the physical condition of the damaged card. When it comes to critical situations like not carrying a debit card and cash at the same time, credit card payments can be an effective way out.

But when the card you use is declined because of its defective condition, don’t you have a headache and have trouble disclosing your identity as a payment guarantee?

Failure of a swiping credit card transaction on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Electronic Data Capture (EDC) will be a customer’s nightmare. Especially when you have to replace your credit card with a new one, you don’t want your customers to be charged a minimum of $ 50,000.00.

It’s gone, making your account more secure, plus having to pay for your credit card replacement fee.

But don’t worry, it won’t happen to you if you have taken precautionary steps in the first place. Even taking care of a credit card is very simple and can use tools that are easy to find in your home.

Curious? Let’s see what steps can be taken to prevent credit card fraud!

Tips on Preventing Bad Credit Cards

Tips on Preventing Bad Credit Cards

1. Make sure that the Magnetic Tape is as Finished as Available

Ever been curious about the black lines on credit or debit cards you have? It turns out that black lines aren’t just any lines! The line called the magnetic tape has the most important function because it contains the customer’s personal data.

With barcode technology, the magnetic tape will record all the important data that includes the customer’s personal data, balances, transactions, card limits, and so on. These data are of course machine-readable, so the magnetic tape has to be kept at a high level of sensitivity.

When that doesn’t work, the customer is encouraged to immediately report to the bank for further action. Then how do you keep the magnetic tape?

First, keep the card away from water and damp conditions. You can use a dry tissue to clean the magnetic tape to keep it sensible. However, keep in mind that cleaning requires slow movement so that there is no friction on the magnetic tape.

Second, do not let the card be kept in the same space as the coin. The physical form of coinage can, of course, cause scratches or scratches on the magnetic tape. Finally, periodically move your credit card storage position to another part of the wallet to prevent the wallet from sticking to the card.

2. Credit Card Rescue Removal

In addition to the magnetic tape, the lower portion of the credit card is also on the chip. As a new security product, chips are now being applied across all credit cards issued in Indonesia. In addition to three coins with magnetic tape, the chip function also relates to important customer data read only by a particular machine.

These extra safeguards are necessary for credit cards to prevent unwanted actions from credit card mafia. The chip in a credit card basically has a way of working much differently from the chi on a mobile phone. Therefore, in the event of a crash, this method of prevention can be applied to both.

Unexpectedly, simple things like a pencil eraser can be an outlet for unreadable chips. With a rubber-like texture, you can scrub the chip slowly and cleanse the dirt that prevents the chip from reading.

But if this doesn’t work out, then you should be aware of the potential damage to the chip and should report to the bank immediately. On credit cards, numbers, expiration dates, owner names, and the three-digit number on the back of the card is crucial data. Keep it safe in your wallet.

3. Can’t bend 1 Degree!

How important it is to maintain a credit card’s level of sensitivity not only in terms of cleanliness but also in the form it should always be flat. When the shape starts to bend, it can also damage the function of the magnetic tape or chip on the card. Therefore, a credit card must be kept in a place that will not look like a wallet.

But what often happens is that the customer is not aware of the fact that they usually keep it in their purse. Because the position is easy to occupy by accident, the shape of the card does not escape the curvature of the wallet. Although it looks simple it’s good to not keep your credit card in the wallet in his pants pockets as at risk of damage.

4. Credit Cards Not Minor Toys

The presence of young children can be very enjoyable, but it can also be dangerous when they start to touch on important things like credit cards. Their innocence will certainly be at high risk of potentially damaging your card.

It is advisable not to remove the card in front of the child so as not to cause them curiosity, and to keep it in a place where the child cannot reach it.

5. Remember the Expiration Date!

credit card

No matter how much you use a credit card, sometimes it may be worth remembering the expiration date. It’s a good idea to have a reminder a month before your credit card expiration date, so when it’s due you have a renewal. So in the event that your credit card fails to transact, try to check the expiration date first so you don’t panic.